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5 Best conversational hypnosis books

One of my friends was recently discussing with me about conversational hypnosis and the 5 best conversational hypnosis books you can buy to learn conversational hypnosis.

Conversational hypnosis or covert hypnosis is the technique to use to gain an advantage over your subject.

Conversation hypnosis uses hypnotic language patterns to gain this advantage.

These language patterns are so simple to use, anyone can gain mastery over it with regular practice.

Here is the list of 5 best conversational hypnosis books you can buy to start your learning journey.

  1. Conversation Hypnosis – A practical guide by Michael Kiff
  2. Persuasion Engineering – by Richard Bandler & John Lavalle
  3. Indirect Hypnosis by Bryan Westra
  4. Covert Hypnosis: An operator’s manual by Kevin Hogan
  5. Mastering conversational hypnosis by Cheryl-Ann Blair

P.S this post includes affiliate links, this means if you buy any of these books and my special recommendation, i will earn a small amount commission without any additional cost to you.

Conversational Hypnosis- A practical guide by Michael Kiff

Rating = 3.5/5

Pages = 79

Value for Money = Yes kind of

Recommended for = Beginners, NLP practitioners.

This book covers almost all practical aspects of conversational hypnosis. If you have a good eye for detail you can find out that the author is trying to use the techniques on readers themselves. It’s kind of good you can see the practical application while you are reading it.

This book covers all hypnotic language patterns and has shown practical examples very well.

The best way to learn from this book is to try each and every pattern carefully practically.

This book explains the use of your voice, posture, and gesture in order to command hypnosis.

The Author Michale Kiff believes in providing useful information in a precise and simple manner. This book is just an example of that, you can buy your copy from amazon.

Persuasion Engineering – Richard Bandler & John Lavalle

Rating = 5/5

Pages = 230

Value for Money = Yes

Recommended for = Beginners,  Practitioners

This is the best book to read on hypnotic language patterns also known as conversational hypnosis.

Richard Bandler is co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and famous for his grip on conversational hypnosis.

This book is written mostly for salespeople and has more examples of sales scenes. however, you can use these techniques in any settings like relationships, therapy, coaching, and many more.

Persuasion Engineering by Richard Bandler covers the communication process to generate an unconscious response to get the desired outcome from almost anyone.

You may find there are a lot of grammatical mistakes in books, but those mistakes are deliberate and have some purpose. It was a bit annoying initially for me but later I realize the concept.

This is the best book you can read on the hypnotic language pattern, I highly recommend this book to all my friends who are working in sales.

Indirect Hypnosis by Bryan Westra

Rating = 2.5/5

Pages =  157

Value for Money = Probably No

Recommended for = Beginners

This is one of the many books from Bryan Westra on hypnosis. Bryan has written more than 7 books on Hypnosis

The book is spread in 7 chapters covering conversational hypnosis in detail in very different ways.

The authors have tried to use Aristotle’s Ethos, pathos, and logos principle to persuasion. It is a complete treat to read.

There are two chapters specially dedicated to how to hypnotize and the last chapter on language pattern to master as conversational hypnosis.

This book is medium read and has a unique perspective on conversational hypnosis in general. This book could be a good read and can be part of your reading library.

I recommend this book as a leisure read, you may not learn about conversational hypnosis but certainly, gain new knowledge or information in this subject.

Covert Hypnosis: An operator’s manual by Kevin Hogan

Rating = 5/5

Pages =  238

Value for Money = Yes

Recommended for = Beginners, Practitioners

This over 1,00,000 words manual includes all the techniques and tools you need to know in order to learn conversational hypnosis.

The Author Kevin Hogan has written more than 11 books and specialize in persuasion and influence,

This book Covert Hypnosis: An operator’s manual is by far the best book you can get in the subject.

It is like the name suggests a manual you can use to learn covert hypnosis. I really like the flow of writing.

The examples presented in the book or say manual are very relatable, the best way to utilize this book is to practice while you are reading it.

Most of the examples shared in this book are based on therapy, selling, and relationship situations.

This book has a total of 13 chapters or as the book says modules covering covert hypnosis. There are over 150 techniques mentioned in the book you can use.

This book is worth buying and you may need not to buy any other book after buying this.

Mastering conversational hypnosis by Cheryl-Ann Blair

Rating = 2.5/5

Pages =  62

Value for Money = Yes

Recommended for = Beginners

The mastering conversational hypnosis by Cheryl-Ann Blair is a short read and can be completed within an hour has short 12 chapters and more like touch base with the subject.

The book is written more from a sales perspective and tried to give examples of most of about sales.

This book looks like more overview, it misses the depth of the subject- conversational hypnosis.

Mastering conversational hypnosis can be a starter book for a beginner, who wants to get insight into conversational hypnosis.

This book can also be helpful for the salespeople who are at entry-level in their job.

Still not able to make up your mind which out of these 5 Best conversational hypnosis books to buy and read?

You can start with Mastering conversation hypnosis for starting your conversational hypnosis learning journey.

However, conversational hypnosis is a very practical subject it will require you to implement the language patterns you have just learned from the book.

Although there are great books like Persuasion Engineering and Covert Hypnosis, it sometimes lags in giving relevant exposure to the subject.

You can always sign up for Conversation Hypnosis online courses, there are tonnes of them. I will write a sperate post for the topic in some time.

Some of the books mentioned in 5 best conversational hypnosis book above may cost you more than 20 $ and some are available on audible.

Amazon audible offers free 30 days of the trial period and in these 30 days, you can download 2 books of your choice for free.

However, the library is limited but they are continuously updating it.

Try Amazon Audible for free 30 days and 2 books of your choice.

How about a course on conversational Hypnosis?

Apart from the 5 best conversational hypnosis books, there are so many courses available out there.

I have come across a course on conversational hypnosis by Mayur Bardolia on udemy.

Personally speaking, Mayur is so far best in the teaching conversation hypnosis, he has a reputation as the world’s leading authority of Covert or conversational hypnosis.

I have found it more comprehensive than any other written material available out there.

Buy the course

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