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Art of Negotiation


Art of Negotiation

We are into negotiation every now and then in our personal and professional life.
Imagine, you are really tight on budget and schedule to make that purchase and want to close that deal, but the supplier thinks otherwise. this could be the same in the sales situation.
You are discussing salary to the prospective talent who is the best fit for the role and you have little less package to offer than his/her expectation.
You realize this is already a month-end you are yet to achieve your monthly sales target. you have so less time to lure your buyer.

You can read from many of the books from Amazon. or there could be other better and shorter options. Read on.

Just Imagine, if we know the methods to better negotiate and which take only a few seconds and subtle language changes.

Now see yourself getting that promotion, that reward, that title you always wanted by making these small changes in your negotiation process. 

With NLP you can learn the method to build instant rapport with anyone, using language patterns you can induce anyone to agree on your terms.

You might wonder, only if I could know about these language patterns more better will be the understanding to decide for Mehul’s session. You are right while thinking this here are the few examples you can use from today itself.

1. Using a word like Now, Notice, listen, Imagine… etc to make your client follow your next statement without any resistance.

For Example
“Notice, that with the budgeted price our product offers better quality”
“Imagine, Getting this job, you are getting not only salary but social status also”

2. Using connecting words like And, but, because, As, means, etc., to bring your point to your client’s view.

For Example
“I agree that the product is expensive and I would like you to notice it has more durability and extra features than our competition.”
“As you read more, You are getting more curious to learn Negotiation skill with Mehul”

3. Tagging questions, to elicit the interest of the client.

For Example
“You want to grow your business. don’t you?” 
There are even more language patterns and techniques you can use in negotiation and win the deal.

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