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How to Become an NLP Coach? An easy guide

how to become an NLP Coach

How to become an NLP coach? What is the process of getting NLP coaching certification? How much can you earn as an NLP coach?

These are some of the questions we will address for everyone who wants to become an NLP Coach.

We are starting a new series of blogs on NLP Coaching and life coaching where you will find all the resources for becoming an NLP coach and marketing yourself on social media as an NLP Coach.

The process of how to become an NLP Coach

You need to understand the process of becoming an NLP Coach.

There are many associations for NLP like ANLP and SNLP they offer various NLP certifications like practitioner and master practitioner.

Some associations also have a diploma in NLP or an Introduction to NLP course. However, these certifications may not help you to become an NLP Coach.

Step 1 – Get NLP Practitioner certification

Step 2 – Get NLP Master Practitioner certification

Step 3 – Get Life coaching certification from ICF-approved institutes.

You may choose to have a Life Coaching certification along with an NLP practitioner which is also fine.

Is it necessary to have NLP Certification to become a coach?

You can become a coach without any certification, as such there is no mandatory requirement to start your coaching business.

However, having at least NLP practitioner certification and life coaching certification from an approved institute is highly desirable. 


Certification training will give you clarity on concepts of coaching, and NLP practitioner training will give you tools you can use to improve your coaching practice. 

NLP practitioner training usually has standards set by associations and coaching standards are provided by ICF.

If you have the certification you will know the process, theory, and ways to pitch your NLP coaching business to future customers.

You will have authorized certification or let’s say credentials to show, and believe me, it helps with some legal requirements to start a business in many countries. 

NLP Coaching certification

There are many NLP certification providers in every corner of the world right now, and I understand it can be difficult to choose the right one.

The thumb rule is it must be authorized by ABNLP or SNLP, I would personally prefer SNLP as it was founded by Richard Bandler himself.

However, there are many blended courses available that give you NLP practitioner certification as well as life coaching certification, and the good news is they can be done online also.

If you are still not sure whether you want to invest this much money in the certification you can always try some of the courses on Udemy, I have reviewed some of the courses.

Questions to consider when looking for an NLP coaching certification

How to become an NLP coach? This brings another requirement of understanding NLP Coaching certification, what questions to consider when looking for an NLP Coaching certification?

Here is a list of questions to consider when looking for an NLP coaching certification:

I believe this short blog has answered all questions pertaining to how to become an NLP Coach.

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