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NLP dickens pattern – No 1 pattern for visualization

NLP dickens pattern is popularly known as the NLP technique used by Anthony Robbins in his unleash the power within the seminar.

NLP dickens pattern uses the concept of timeline therapy where you visit your future self.

The name NLP dickens pattern is because of The book Christmas carol by Charles Dickens, where one of its characters, “Scrooge” gets to meet his future ghost, which shows him what will happen to him if he continues to live the way he is living right now.

NLP dickens pattern works well on the principle of pain and pleasure, and it associates with pain and pleasure of future that helps you make changes in the present.

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Process of NLP Dickens pattern

In the process of the NLP Dickens pattern, we will see the consequences of staying the way we are right now.

If we do not make any changes in our present self and continue to live like this for, let us say, fifteen years, what will be the consequences? NLP dickens pattern will help us to visualize that.

Step 1 = Choose the limiting belief or a  bad habit you have had for an extended period of time.

Step 2= Stand in the center of the place where you can move backward and forwards in a straight line. Now imagine you are standing in the present state with that bad habit.

Step 3= Try to visualize where this bad habit started, see backward and take a few steps. Get into a moment where you first started that bad habit. 

Step 4 = Once you have a clear picture of the past, come back to the present moment that is the center of the room. You can take a break here.

Step 5 = Now visualize the future and take one step further. Imagine how this bad habit will affect you after five years.

Try to visualize yourself after five years. Can you see, hear or feel yourself changed because of this bad habit?

How is your health? How is your financial situation? Try to see everything that might happen if you continue to have this bad habit.

Are you comfortable with what you see, feel and listen about yourself?

Step 6 = Now, take another step forward and imagine your life with this bad habit after five years.

Imagine how this bad habit has affected you in ten years? How is your health? How is your finance? How are you overall?

Are you comfortable with what you see, feel and listen about yourself?

Step 7 = Now, take one more step and imagine your life with this bad habit for fifteen years.

Are you comfortable with what you see, feel and listen about yourself?

In my opinion, most people find it scary to visualize a future with any bad habits or limiting beliefs for fifteen years. 

Step 8 = Now come down to the present state and take a small break

Step 9 = Stand in the present state and imagine what actions you can take today to get rid of this bad habit or limiting belief. 

Step 10 = Take a step further and imagine yourself taking action and getting rid of that bad habit or limiting belief.

See yourself prospering in the future. Are you happy with what you see?

You can continue this exercise for the years you are comfortable with.

When to use NLP dickens pattern?

NLP dickens pattern can make subjects realize the impact of their negative behavior in the long run.

You may find some clients are unwilling to accept that their negative belief needs to be changed or it affects them adversely.

You can also amplify positive feelings with the NLP dickens pattern.

How NLP dickens pattern became popular?

Anthony Robbins popularized the NLP dickens pattern, and he used to teach and demonstrate this process in his Unleash the power within the seminar.

It is also a great life coaching tool that can help you take actions for positive changes.

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