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NLP spelling strategy- 1 of best technique to learn any spelling

NLP spelling strategy

NLP spelling strategy have helped many students across the world. It uses visual and kinesthetic representational systems in action.

I want to point out that if someone has difficulties with spelling, it is not that they have some learning disability. It’s just that they are using a different mental program that is not working.

NLP spelling strategy elicits the mental process of an individual for making spelling.

Have you noticed? If you give wrongly spelled words to someone very good at spellings, they feel a bit uncomfortable. 

They look at the words and start feeling odd or uncomfortable.

Many people do not know how they spelled the words right. If you ask them, they will just say that “it felt just correct or right.”

So NLP spelling strategy for most people is Visual – Kinesthetic.

If you are trying to use phonics for spelling strategy, you will have a 50-50 chance, and for a visual person, it does not work.

NLP Spelling strategy process

Here is the NLP spelling strategy process that can be used for any students who want to learn to make correct spellings.

Step 1 – View the word.

Imagine you can see the correctly spelled word on a screen or a paper.

Step 2 – Relax

Take a few deep breaths and relax your mind and body; try to remember when you felt totally relaxed and comfortable. 

Once you have a complete feeling of relaxation, open your eyes and look at the word.

Step 3 – Picture the word in your mind

Now, look up to your left, just move your eyes. It is part of the eye accessing cues of NLP. I have written a detailed article, you read later.

While doing so, picture the correct spelling of the word in your mind. 

Step 4 – Break State/ Clear your mind.

Rapidly open and close your eyes to clear your mind.

You can also take a short walk or drink a glass of water.

Step 5 – Picture the word and write it down.

Look up to your left again. Just move your eyes. Try to look at your mental image of spelling.

Now write the spelling you are currently seeing, check with the correct spelling.

If spelling is not correct, go back to step one of this process again and do the exercise.

Step 6 – Picture the word and write it backward.

Now again, look up to your left. Try to look at your mental image of spelling.

This time try to write it backward, check with the correct spelling.

If the spelling is not correct, go back to step number three of this process.

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Tips to make best of NLP spelling strategy

NLP spelling strategy also uses T.O.T.E ( Test operate test exit) model, like any other strategy models.

This means unless you see and feel good about the word, this process will continue.

If you observe closely, the first part of the process is a test, the second is operating, and the third and fourth are tested again and at the last exit.


Robert Dilts

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