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NLP The E&E.P. Formation Pattern

NLP The E & E. P. Formation Pattern

NLP The E &E.P. Formation pattern is about, How will you know whether you have achieved your desired outcome or not?

I have come across many clients who are not clear about how they will know if they have achieved the desired outcome.

In NLP, The E & E.P. Formation Pattern is the process that uses evidence and evidence pattern to measure the goal achievement.

This pattern can be used to create a process to find evidence and evidence procedure to monitor our progress.

So evidence of success in the academic situation exam results while exam procedure will be the evidence procedure.

NLP The E & E.P. formation pattern’s procedure

Step 1 Determine the goals of the assessment.

First, you have to determine the assessment goals; the key point here is these goals should be on positive terms. You also have set an example for ideal performance.

For Example. 

Let’s continue the example of academics.

Goals can be to identify if the students have understood the concepts. 

Positive terms can be achieved by establishing a grading system that reflects students’ performance.  

An ideal performance will be getting 100/100. 🙂

Step 2 Make a note for the purpose of assessment.

In this step, answer the question of why you need this assessment in the first place?

What will be the benefit of having an assessment?

For Example,

The purpose of the exam is to know whether the student is eligible to get promoted to the next level or not.

Step 3 concretely defines the evidence.

The concrete evidence that will let us know whether the desired outcome is achieved or not?

For Example.

If someone wants to quit smoking, the concrete evidence will be the ability to say not to smoke.

In our old example of academics, if students score above 90%, they understand the concepts well.

Step 4 Specify what is appropriate for establishing and continuing to carry out the process. 

You have to make sure the instruction for the evidence procedure is clear and understandable to you. 

In step 3, you will find out the evidence, but you need to specify the context and instruction to make it a continuing process.

Step 5 Set up the timeframe and milestones.

It always helps to create small milestones or a timeframe to achieve the desired outcome. It is not a one-time activity. It is a marathon.

It includes the ultimate timeframe by which the desired outcome should be achieved; it also consists of the small milestones to assess the progress made so far.

By creating small milestones, it will help you to assess the progress and take corrective action or 

Step 6 Specify the situation which can cause trouble.

While conducting the evidence procedure, you may likely come across some situation that will cause a hindrance in achieving the desired outcome.

For Example,

A smoker may suffer while quitting smoking if he/she keeps coming across the situation where he/she gets the urge to smoke. 

This can derail the motivation of smokers, and it is a never-ending loop.

The best way will be to identify these situations beforehand and the ways to tackle them.

In a similar way, while conducting the evidence procedure for assessing whether the desired outcome is achieved or not, specify situations that can cause trouble and mitigate them.

Step 7 – Test

Establish the time and responsibility for the evaluation of the effectiveness of the evidence procedure. 

You need to test whether this evidence procedure will work or not. What all resources will you need for the same?

In this step, you have to identify the steps, material, and resources needed to check the procedure.

Final words on NLP The E & E. P. Formation Pattern

This pattern will help you to identify evidence and the evidence procedure to know whether you have achieved the desired outcome or not?

The best way will be to do it on paper, write down each step, and whatever come to your mind about that step.

I know It may sound confusing, but believe me, clubbing this pattern with any goalsetting exercises will give you splendid results.



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