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What is NLP hypnosis?

What is NLP hypnosis? Are they different or do they complement each other? Is there any concept like NLP hypnosis?

When I heard the word “NLP hypnosis” I was confused and so many questions buzzed through my head.

In this short blog about NLP hypnosis, We will see what it is. If they are different or the same? Should you use it in your NLP practice?

What is NLP hypnosis?

NLP hypnosis is the use of Milton model language patterns to induce hypnosis in the subject.

NLP founders have modeled the best therapists of their time while creating NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

They also studied the phenomenal hypnotherapist Milton Erickson, and come up with the concept of NLP hypnosis.

You may find claims like both NLP and hypnosis are the same, or maybe NLP is a just borrowed concept from hypnosis.

However, let’s get a deeper understanding of the similarities and differences of NLP hypnosis.

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What are the similarities between NLP and hypnosis?

Does NLP include hypnosis?

The short answer is Yes, NLP includes hypnosis, but not every NLP techniques require hypnosis.

Many NLP techniques may not require trance, hypnosis, or any other methods to get desired results from the subject.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, Richard Bandler and John grinder studied the methods of Milton Erickson and developed NLP language patterns

While working with the subject an NLP practitioner may use these language patterns to gather the required information from the subject and also to make changes required by the subject. 

While other techniques like NLP timeline therapy, NLP logical level of thinking, parts integration, and many more may not require hypnosis to get desired results.

To sum up, Yes NLP includes hypnosis in some of its techniques.

What is the difference between NLP and hypnosis?

Like similarities, there are some key differences between NLP and hypnosis, though they are not that big differences.

What are the benefits of NLP hypnosis?

Let’s agree that NLP may have borrowed some of its concepts, tools, and techniques from Hypnosis.

While the combination of NLP hypnosis is extremely effective for getting the desired outcome for the subjects.

What are the benefits of NLP hypnosis?

In this short blog about, NLP hypnosis we try to cover what it is. How they are similar and different? What can be its benefits?


NLP Hypnosis

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