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Best Customisable NLP Practitioner Manual – to use in your 1st NLP training and more

NLP Practitioner Manual

NLP Trainers!

Do you want to save huge amounts of time and effort putting your first NLP Practitioner training together?

NLP Practitioner Manual

$ 297 only    

Are you an NLP Trainer?

Perhaps you’ve recently qualified?

Maybe you’re an aspiring trainer looking forward to going on your NLP Trainer Training course?

Or maybe you’re an experienced NLP Trainer who would like to upgrade your existing Practitioner manual?

As an NLP trainer myself, I know from experience how long it takes to put a manual together that meets your own high standards for quality and usability. So here’s something that could save you a *lot* of time – a fully customizable NLP Practitioner manual that you can rebrand for your own courses!

Whether the course you want to run focuses on Business, Changework, or personal development, this manual has it covered. Just take the sections you need, and add and amend as much as you want to personalize it – or just use the material ‘as is’ to minimize your preparation time!

This 199-page manual covers the ANLP’s content requirements for NLP Practitioner training. In fact, it exceeds them, because it includes these additional sections that aren’t included in all Practitioner courses:

The manual also includes an overview of Modelling, which I have found to be a useful thing to include as part of the final integration segment of a Practitioner course.

Do you want to get an idea of the content, and the style it’s written in? Of course you do! You can download the Contents and the Introduction (in PDF format) to give you enough information to make your buying decision.

Also included as a free extra with NLP practitioner manual

A ‘bare-bones’ suggested session plan for an 8 to 10 day business-oriented NLP Practitioner course using this manual. It’s in MS Word format so you can easily amend it to fit your needs.

Of course, you will want to fine-tune the NLP Practitioner manual to incorporate your own style and content – and you will be able to arrive at the manual you want much, much faster than writing it from scratch.

If you were going to just clone your own trainer’s NLP practitioner manual – do you have their permission to do that? Even if you do, how long would it take you to create an electronic copy?


Notes: this manual is written in ‘British English’ and is paginated for A4. If you are using it in other areas, you may need to repaginate for other paper sizes (e.g. US Letter in the US).

For easy customisation, the manual is an electronic product in MS Word 2004 (.doc) format, so you can work with it even if you don’t have the very latest version of MS Word. You can also open it with Pages for Mac, OpenOffice, or LibreOffice.

You can use this NLP practitioner manual as you please, and save loads of time instead of creating NLP practitioner manual from the scratch.

You can also check out NLP exercises, that can be combined with the NLP practitioner manual and have excellent training.



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