How to deal with Anger?

how to deal with anger?


How to deal with Anger?


Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy. -Aristotle

Caution – This blog can seriously damage your Anger.

Yes, it is possible to Get Control of Your Anger, and it is easy as well do read this post till the end and find a number of methods to curb your anger.

What is Anger?

Anger can be simply defined as extreme emotion we feel when things do not go as we plan or anticipated.

If so we get frustrated and try to change that if not changed we get even angrier isn’t it?

How Anger affects us?

Anger has Many effects on our mind and body as well as our overall personality. isn’t it?

One may say that “It gets my work done” “This is how it goes” or even worse “My way or the highway”.

My dear friend does Anger really help you to get things done, Think quietly and reflect on this. How about the respect and the trust issues after anger show. Maybe you are the reason to create a hostile environment for others,

Effects on Mind

Anger affects first your mind and then your body.

  • First and foremost it distorts your thinking.
  • You tend to generalize more.
  • Sometimes you get angry even just sight or voice, isn’t it?  You are not able to see things as they are.
  • Threatens our relationship and career prospects.

Effects on Body

Have you wondered about the number of psychosomatic diseases associated with anger?
  • Acid Reflux and other gastro diseases.
  • Headaches
  • Disturbed Breathing Patterns and many more

What exactly happens after you are Angry?

Let’s say you have an angry exchange of words that exactly happens afterward.
You may get disturbed for hours, days, or even longer periods with the words used, sight, and voice of that exchange. You seem to be playing that event again and again in your mind. 
Who is exactly in charge at this phase. definitely, you are not. You are playing the victim here.

Here are some of the techniques You can use to tame your Anger.

1. Take a look at the broader picture.

Easier said than done right? but believe me, with practice you can master this.
Exercise – Now sit back, take a deep breathe and relax, Think of the moment when you were most angry.  Which still bothers you or has affected you.
Think as if you are living again at that moment, see as if it is happening just right now. feel those emotions again and at the event of your anger try to see yourself from little distance in that event.
You have to imagine yourself into the movie of that anger event as if yourself performing that role and your other self if observing this event from distance.  
This will help you to study your own behavior and area of improvement for that event, and believe me you will not be angry with the same reason again.

2. Edit the Emotions you have when Angry.

Bring your creativity to work here.
Exercise – Say you are disturbed with the memory of that sight, voice and feeling of that anger event.
You can think of that moment, the picture that event pulls colors out of that event and see how your emotion changes if it is voice replace the voice of a person with a funny voice like Donald Duck. 

3. What to do If you are right now in the moment where you will get Angry?

This is really important because it is the moment where you are going to perform your anger act.
  • You can allow other people to complete their side, have the patience to listen.
  • Try to see the bigger picture if not just close your eyes a couple of moments.
  • Try to keep this discussion for another time ask for an excuse just leave from there. Continue when you have thought through.

4. Identify triggers for you.

Believe me, You prepare yourself to get angry. Don’t Agree?
Remember How many times we rehearse in our mind if he/she says this I will not let him/her go this time?
How often we just associated anger with a person that even their sight or voice evokes anger in you? 
Identify these triggers by just simply making dairy. Identify whether it is Voice, tone, a facial gesture that made you angry. Once identified get rid of them with Point 2.

5. Breathing Techniques to Relax your mind.

Whenever you are angry just try to get 20 seconds for you, yes you read right 20 seconds.
All you need to do is take 10 deeper breaths, focus on the incoming and outgoing breath through your nose, count 10 to 1 backward. 
This is the most famous and known method. This helps you to relax your mind and detach yourself with an angry moment.
You can also use breathing to dissolve anger, Like inhale a deep breath and exhale for long. While exhaling just imagine your anger is going out as red or black smoke. Imagine every time you exhale out your anger and frustration do this exercise for a couple of times you will feel more relaxed.

6. Using Physical Exercise to channel your Anger.

You can do light physical exercise to channel your Anger. It is rightly said just walk away.
Take a long and slow walk to calm your mind and also increase the blood flow in your body.
While we are angry our blood tends to get concentrated towards the heart and nervous system. Haven’t you notice your heart rate increase while you are angry.
I do not suggest doing Heavy Exercises while in Anger, You may harm your body.

7. Learn to accept anger as an emotion.


“What you resist, persists” CG Jung.

Anger is Emotion just like happiness, joy, sadness, etc., accept it as an emotion but decide not to feed it more.
The moment you accept it as an emotion it becomes easier to manage it.
Don’t get Angry on your own self because you can not control anger.

Final Words,

Imagine how you can be benefited if you are able to curb your anger.
See the Healthy body, Relationships, career advancement and overall improvement of personality while you control your anger.
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