How to get coaching clients on Linkedin? Today with 5 proven tactics

This is a comprehensive guide on how to get coaching clients on Linkedin, elevate your coaching practice with battle tested linkedin strategies shared here in this post.

How do I find coaching clients or how to get coaching clients on Linkedin are few of the common questions asked by NLP Coaches and Life coaches.

How to get coaching clients on Linkedin?

Linkedin is known for its capability to build professional networks better than any other social media, as of now there are 930 Million members on Linkedin.

For coaches it will be good to know how to get coaching clients on Linkedin? As it provides the platform to connect, network and share their expertise to a larger audience.

In this how to get coaching clients on Linkedin guide, we will cover aspects like Linkedin profile, Invite, Personal Messages, and much more. So grab a cup of coffee. This is going to be a long post. 

  1. Optimize your Linkedin profile for success
  2. Showcase your coaching expertise with Content
  3. Utilize power of Linkedin Groups
  4. Connect Strategically
  5. Engage with your network

Optimize your Linkedin Profile for Success

To get coaching clients on Linkedin, the first step is to optimize your Linkedin profile, and not just treat it as an online resume.

Your Linkedin profile is your first impression to your probable clients, make sure it is the best for you.

Here is a detailed explanation of how to get coaching clients on Linkedin by optimizing your profile.

Be creative with your Headline

The Linkedin profile has many purposes, it is the first thing people will notice when they visit your profile.


Secondly, You can add keywords here on which you want to make yourself searchable to everyone.

For Example, If a probable client is looking for Life Coach, NLP Coach or business coach he/she is likely to go to the linkedin search bar and search the same keywords.

However, you are not required to put plain “Life Coach” or “Certified Life Coach” in Headlines, neither “I help clients to achieve goals”.

Ideal Headlines could be, “Life Coach here to serve IT Professionals” or “Certified Life Coach with 1000 hours of coaching experience”. 

Profile Picture  

Profile picture is the first visual element you showcase to your probable clients and makes sure it is working for you not against you.

Best practice is to select a high quality headshot picture of yours, it will look more professional compared to any other picture.

Make sure you do not upload casual pictures, group photos, logos or anything else in profile pictures.

Linkedin Banner

Linkedin Banner is the place you can advertise your services, build a professional brand or just generate leads to your website.

Keeping a blank Linkedin Banner is a clearly missed opportunity.

You can use canva to make your professional Linkedin Banner, If you are not sure go for a freelancer on fiverr.

Update About section

The “About” section can be a summary of what you do and how it can help your potential clients.

Here is your opportunity to optimize the keywords that your clients will ideally look for in the Linkedin Search Bar. 

You can use icons, emojis and bullet points to make your profile stand out.

There are many online tools that can be used to generate a summary for you.

Education and Experience 

Education section is useful to upload all your credentials chronologically in a Linkedin profile, it simply builds your credibility to your clients.

Experience section can be utilized to showcase your past achievement and how you can be helpful to solve their problem.

Connect Strategically

Linkedin is all about building connections with various professionals around the world. You must have some strategy to connect as a part of how to get coaching clients on Linkedin?.

Identify your ideal client persona

Identify your ideal client persona, who will benefit more from your services and who are likely to enroll for your services.

To identify your ideal Client persona ask yourself the following questions.

Who is your target audience?

You should identify who will be your target audience, male or female, their education, demography, age group, work experience and what is their lifestyle.

What are the challenges they are facing?

Find out what challenges your target audience is facing. It can be personal, professional, financial, emotional or physical. 

How can you help them with these challenges?

As a coach how can you help them to overcome these challenges? How can they take your help? Give them enough reasons to enroll for your services. 

Linkedin search Option and custom invite message

Once you have identified your ideal client persona, you can search for them from the linkedin search bar.

You can search by their job title, location, organization, education and much more.

You found their profile now it is time to connect with them, do not send invitations without writing personalized invite messages. 

The invite message can serve two purposes: it enhances chances of getting your request accepted, and you have something to start a conversation with your new connection.

Showcase your coaching expertise with Content

You have made your awesome Linkedin Profile, now it is time to build and reach a larger audience as part of your how to get coaching clients on Linkedin.

Post 3 to 5 times a week

Linkedin provides various posting options like text, picture, video, carousel, and articles.

Each one of them has their own advantages, make sure you have a good content mix and post each of them at least once a week, you can post articles twice a month though.

Like any other social media, you can add hashtags also in a Linkedin post, this way it can reach the people who may be not in your connection but follow that hashtag.

Linkedin Posts

You should utilize Linkedin text posts at least twice a week, as it gains good enough traction and helps in showcasing your expertise.

The Linkedin Post should be thought provoking and should encourage readers to engage in the comment section. 

The more comments, likes and shares you receive the more are the chance of your post getting viral.

Linkedin Images & Videos

If you have some infographics, small pdfs, and carousel images relevant to your expertise please post them regularly on Linkedin.


Images, short videos and Carousel gets more traction on linkedin, it gets reshared, downloaded and comments more compared to any other content type on linkedin.

You can use online tools like canva to create such images, it has a free version and is good enough for our purpose.

Utilize power of Linkedin Groups

There are plethora of Linkedin groups of various professionals, you can choose the groups where your ideal clients are or create the new one.

Utilize existing groups

Once you have identified your ideal client persona, you can find the groups where they are likely to be part of.

Once you are a member of such groups, do not go and promote your services directly, take time and get involved in the existing discussion.

If you are a member of some group you can send them a personalized message even though they are not your connection.

Create new group

You can also create a new group where you will have admin rights to the same.

A Linkedin group can become your community where you can post, promote and interact with your probable clients. 

Engage with your network

You have an awesome linkedin profile, have identified your target audience and are part of some key groups, now it is time to engage with your network as a part of your overall strategy of how to get coaching clients on linkedin strategy.

Engage with your posts and its comments

You should post almost 3 to 5 times a week, be it a written post, videos, images or documents.

You may receive some of the comments on your post, engage with them and make it more conversational as possible. 

It can make your post viral and can reach to more audience. 

Engage with Linkedin posts of others as well

It goes without saying that you will engage with comments on your own posts, however engaging on comments with others posts will be a great strategy for how to get coaching clients on linkedin.

You can even engage with posts of your competitors, thought leaders in your niche and hashtag posts you may come across.


Making meaningful and value adding comments, not just “great post”, “thanks for posting this” and anything like that. 

In this short blog, I tried to answer how to get coaching clients on Linkedin? However there are many aspects to be covered as overall strategy, I shall keep you posted about how to get coaching clients on Linkedin. Stay tuned.

The content of how to get coaching clients on Linkedin? can be used by all coaches, may be life coaches, executive coaches, and more.

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We will cover other aspects of How to get coaching clients of Linkedin? like Linkedin Content strategy, Linkedin Profile Optimization and Linkedin Outreach in coming blogs.