NLP essential guide review with best 8 chapters reviewed in brief

NLP essential guide review

In this NLP essential guide review, I will share my view in short. For more details, I suggest you buy the book.

NLP: The essential guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming By Tom Doltz and Tom Hoobyar is probably the best book to read.

I had my audible trial left to explore, so I had tried this book with audible. It is the best book for everyone, especially beginners.

I liked this book so much that I bought its kindle version and wanted to write NLP essential guide review for you guys for a long time.

This book has more exercises that help you to learn NLP practically. However, the prime focus of this book is the practical part of NLP.

You can also learn some basic NLP techniques that you can use to get rid of any negative emotions, stuck feelings and even utilize your positive potentials.

I find this book relatable as the examples shared here are real-life examples, not a work of some fiction.

The book has over nine chapters and two sections; I will advise reading chapters in chronology for a beginner. It will help you to connect the dots.

The authors take you to more important and hard to gradually understand the book, and that’s all we want.

The best part of this book is, there are many fun exercises, and at the end of the book, you get a 21-day guide for free.

The 21-day guide provided in this book can help anyone to achieve personal transformation. You may not need to hire a coach for that. 

NLP essential guide review

NLP essential guide review in detail

Here is the NLP essential guide review in detail chapterwise.

Chapter 1 – Understanding how you think, What’s going on there?

This chapter of the NLP essential guide explains about NLP concept of the structure of experience that is important to understand, how we think, act, behave and feel certain ways.

It also shares the NLP communication model and filters of our mind like deletion, distortion, and generalization. So NLP communication model can help you how you think or how you process the information.

Chapter 2 – Managing your mind, Who’s driving your bus?

In this chapter, you will learn about the NLP representation system and NLP submodalities. These concepts help you to understand how you view the external world.


You will also learn about creating a well-formed outcome (goal setting), congruence (what makes you tick?), and much more. 

Chapter 3 – Living in the “zone,” Whoa, Is my brake on?

This chapter will help you learn about mind and body connection, timeline exercises, and much more.


I liked the discovery activities in this chapter more compare to other chapters in the book.

This chapter also briefly introduces eye movement integration, an important concept to learn with NLP eye accessing cues.

Chapter 4 – Upgrading your self-concept, How’d things get this way?

This chapter covers NLP language patterns, that is NLP meta-model and NLP Milton model.  It also explains the deep structure of the language we use.

It can help us to understand ourselves much better, and how language affects our mind?

Chapter 5 – Making comfortable connections, How come we don’t connect?

This chapter briefly covers NLP meta-programs, and some NLP presuppositions like the map is not the territory.

It can help you to understand the motivation of another person and understand ourselves and others better.

Chapter 6 – More than “mind reading” other people, What’s going on inside them for that to be true?

This chapter is the combination of the NLP communication model, beliefs, and belief change process. 

Identifying another person’s beliefs can help you understand them better, and you can improve your communication at any level.

Chapter 7 – Making Your Point Easily, How can I help people understand what I mean?

In this chapter, you will learn about NLP metaphors and metaphor stories you can tell, some reframing concepts you can use to improve your communication.

Chapter 8 –  Creatively Collaborating and Resolving Conflicts, How do we get from here to there?

In this chapter, you will learn about Disney’s strategy for creativity and conflict integration process.

Final words about NLP essential guide review

In this NLP essential guide review, I tried to cover all you need to know before buying this book.

If you are considering getting a certification in NLP, do read this book first. It will help you decide whether you want to make that considerable investment or not.

Buy this book.

Will, you be interested read more book reviews like NLP essential guide review? Do let me know in the comment.