Easy Ways to Boost Memory Quickly

easy ways to boost memory


Easy ways to boost memory

Imagine, You are going to give your presentation to Business Heads of your organization. You are just checking your presentation and making sure everything is in the line with the requirement.

You prepare your script and rehearse in your mind as much as possible. While doing so just like a flash your turn for the presentation arrived in front of all big heads of your organization.

All goes well but until someone ask such basic thing which you completely forgot to present or mention.

You struggle to give a further presentation and somehow complete it. After the presentation, you curse yourself how can you forget that.

Now Imagine this, you are trying to convince your client to make a purchase but his demand for the details is such that you need to make calls to the technical team to know that details.

Technical team mocks you at the office for not remembering details even though informing repetitively.

Remember that get together a party where you met almost all your old pal.

You see someone and think “I know this guy but I can’t recall his name”.

You struggle to initiate the conversation and in the worst case they initiate conversation and you are too embarrassed to ask his/her name,

Events like this are likely to happen with us. Isn’t it ? or we are just happy to give excuses for having a bad memory. We are not. Aren’t we?

Let’s understand how memory works?

We or precisely our brain takes information through our senses like what we hear, see, feel, taste and smell mostly. This activity is continuous and partially conscious like seeing and hearing. Major of the information unconscious and that forms are part of the experience.

E.g While reading this The text is not only processed by eyes, you may be reading it loud in the brain, making pictures, maybe even recalling lecture related to this subject.

We have our own filters for information processing for that, I shall write a post.

There are certain factors good to know about How our memory works?

1. Short term memory can hold memory just for 15 to 30 seconds, so if it is not converted in to long term memory, it is simply lost. You may retain the meaning of it only.

2. The magic number 7 is the number of chunks of information can be held by a human being at a given point of time.

What are easy ways to boost memory?


Here are my few suggestions to recall the memory/information accurately and whenever you want.

  1. Create a Mental picture of information you want to retain, add colour as many possible as you can in that picture. You may find it difficult to initiate but once have done you will love this method. If not able to do it just give me a call. 
  1. Use multi-colour highlighters for notes. You can dedicate a special colour for the most important data. 
  2. Make delibrate spellinng errors, its fun to try it. Brain does’t find it difficult to understnd words even if you chnage the ordre. 
  3. Standing or walking while reading material can also help. With the physical movement, your blood also moves and it gives more oxygen to the brain thus more the memory. 

These above are simple methods you can make in your daily lifestyle and increase the memory. You can try them right now.

There are other methods like linking location and developing own cheatsheet to increase memory. This works really fast and best suited for students appearing for the exam.

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