How to communicate hypnotically? – Conversational Hypnosis by Mayur Bardolia

how to communicate hypnotically

How to communicate hypnotically? – Conversational Hypnosis by Mayur Bardolia

If you are looking for a practical application of conversational hypnosis and looking for a course for the same read on the post.

I have attended both offline and online courses on Conversational Hypnosis and let me tell you finding the right course or the workshop is a painful exercise.

You find a course that does not deliver the value you are looking for, and you loose your hard earned money or your dad’s hard earned money.

I come across the How to communicate hypnotically? – Conversational Hypnosis  by Mayur Bardolia on udemy. 

You may already know that udemy gives you 30 days no question asked money back on any course you take. Here are my thoughts on the course.


Valuable Information  –  4/5

Clear Explanation – 4.5/5

Engaging delivery – 4.7/5

Helpful practice activities – 4.5/5

Accurate course description – 4/5

Knowledgeable instructor – 4.5


how to communicate hypnotically


The good thing about this course is you may not need any prior knowledge in NLP or hypnosis.

Mayur starts from the basics and takes you to the promised level conversation hypnosis. You just need to do the activities and suggest reading in the course.


Valuable Information on conversational hypnosis.

This course is 4 plus hours long, and comes with 40 plus downloadable resources. These are just not the numbers, the downloadable resources are rich in information and curated by Mayur himself.

Clear Explanation

Mayur is a good orator and engaging speaker, the best part is he knows what he is talking about. Many of the courses on udemy you will find are reading from the PPTs. 

Engaging delivery

As I stated earlier Mayur is a very engaging speaker, You will not feel bored like any other courses. I still refer to his videos as and when needed.

Helpful practice activities

If you observe the landing page of this the only requirement stated is “Commitment to do exercises shared in this course”. Yes it is true there so many exercises relevant to the content and it’s really helpful.

Accurate course description

Yes, It has an accurate description, In Fact I feel it under promise and over delivers. I like short landing pages but this one was quite long. Mayur have kept interesting lectures in preview that’s enough to make purchase decisions. You should also buy this course.

Knowledgeable instructor

Mayur is knowledgeable in NLP, he knows what he is saying and he is so passionate about teaching conversational hypnosis.


Who should buy how to communicate hypnotically?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to increase their sale.
  • Manager who wants to get work done from the team
  • Sales persons who wants to get that promotion
  • Teachers who want to make children learn and understand quickly.
  • Anyone who wants to master the art of communication.


Who should not buy this course?

  • If you are looking for close your eyes and go to sleep, kind of Hypnosis program, you are in the wrong place.
  • If you are thinking conversation hypnosis can be learned in just 4 hours, please correct your thinking. You need to PRACTICE.

Final words

Buy this course if you want to improve your communication.

Believe me it is possible to take people in trance while talking to them. 

You get all benefits of the udemy like,

  • Lifetime access to the course. That means if there is some update in course you need not pay anything for that. Isn’t that amazing?
  • 30 Days money back guarantee- If you do not like the course your money gets refunded, simple.
  • Access to Teacher – You can ask your questions directly to the teacher via messages in Udemy.

You can buy this here by clicking on the image or click on – How to communicate hypnotically? – Conversational Hypnosis.

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