NLP curiosity shunt installation – best 1 process to use your curiosity

NLP curiosity shunt installation process is created by Tom Dotz

I have read his book NLP the essential guide and found the fascinating NLP curiosity shunt installation process fascinating.

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Why learning NLP curiosity shunt installation?

Have you observed your behavior when you are curious about something?

I tend to get lost in ways to solve this curiosity. I do not overthink, do not see any danger, or find out what works and what does not? You must be having the same experience.

Imagine you can use these curiosity resources as and when you needed for other negative emotions.

For Example,

You are stuck at tedious work and hate doing that. Imagine if, with some NLP techniques, you can convert that into curiosity.

These are situations where we find ourselves stuck and can not do anything about it. 

You feel miserable about yourself and do not feel that you can get rid of it.

NLP curiosity shunt installation process

NLP curiosity shunt installation will work best for the event where you can completely recall memories in detail.

To make it work best, you can use the submodalities checklist before starting the process.

NLP curiosity shunt installation

Step 1 – Set up 3 different anchors on the floor.

Take three pieces of paper, write down boogeyman, curiosity and decontamination on them.

Put boogeyman paper in front of you, and curiosity paper should be about a step or two away from the boogeyman, and put decontamination paper another step away from the curiosity.

It should form a line, with enough space between them to take steps.

Step 2- Boogeyman space

Stand in the boogeyman space and try to remember the time when you felt stuck in a loop of negative feelings.

Imagine, you can see, hear and feel the same way as felt in those negative feelings while standing in boogeyman space.


To make it more elaborative, go down to each representational system and submodalities, see what triggers it?

How did it start? What were you seeing? What were you listening to? What did you feel? Is there any physical sensation?

When you have recreated the event, step out of the boogeyman space. Stand in the blank space near to boogeyman space; you have to take a step forward and imagine you can shake off those negative feelings at boogeyman space.

Step 3 – Curiosity Space

Now stand in curiosity space and remember the time when you felt curious.

Like we did in step 2, go into vivid details of representational system and submodalities.

What were you curious about? What did you see? What did you listen to? How did you feel? Can you remember any specific detail? 

Take a moment and relive the event; once you have recreated the curiosity in detail, now take a step out of the space onto the blank space.

Step 4- Decontamination space

Now stand in the Decontamination space and thinks of the event with powerful physical pleasure.


It could be like riding a bicycle, taking a hot bath, swimming, skating, or something like that.

You have to remember the event in specific details, check on the submodalities and representational systems.

Where were you? What were you doing? What did you see? What did you listen to? How did you feel?

Once you have got a strong enough feeling or the picture, step out in the blank space again.

Step 5- Curiosity shunt installation

Now stand near to boogeyman space and take few deep breaths.

Stand in the boogeyman space, and the moment boogeyman feeling starts rising step in curiosity space.

When you have a strong feeling of curiosity, set up an anchor on your body. The anchor point should be unique to you.

Keep a hold on the curiosity anchor and step back to the boogeyman space—experience how you feel curious than Boogey feeling for the event.

Once curiosity starts to take over, step into the decontamination space and feel completely relaxed.

Step 6 – Second round for curiosity shunt installation

In step 6, we will re-install the shunt, as followed in step 5.

Once again, step in boogeyman space. The moment boogeyman feeling starts, step in curiosity space and hold your curiosity anchor.

While holding your curiosity anchor, step back in boogeyman space and see how curiosity takes over boogeyman feeling.

After that, step into the decontamination space and feel relaxed about it; at the end, stand out in the blank space. 

Take break state. You can drink water, take a short walk.

Step 7 – Automate the shunt.

Now imagine you are doing step number 5  really fast.

Try to see yourself moving across the three spaces really fast.

The aim of the NLP curiosity shunt installation process is to check what triggers the boogeyman feeling and replace the negative loop with the new loop we just saw.

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