NLP Fast phobia cure

NLP Fast Phobia cure 

Richard Bandler and John Grinder were initially creating NLP Fast Phobia cure. I believe it is this process that made NLP techniques so famous in the world.

We know habitual fears and phobias can limit our life; it can even make our life miserable. For Example, for people with the fear of flying, imagine he/she has to travel abroad.

NLP Fast Phobia cure is also known as the Visual – Kinesthetic dissociation pattern. As the name suggests, it uses dissociation to remove phobia.


NLP Fast Phobia cure technique


Step 1 Identify the situation and go to the third position.

In this step, the subject should select the situation or the stimulus, which triggers anxiety or fear. 

For Example, in the case of fear of spiders, the place where you usually see spiders.

Now, ask your subject to imagine that he is in a movie theatre and about to watch a video of their life with this phobia.

Ask them to run the move backwards to the point where he first time encountered the fear or the phobia in his life.

This step aims to have him experience the time where he did not have fear or e how it will feel not to have the problem. 

Remember, You have to do this step in the third position. The third position will give you all resources you needed to get away with this phobia.

NLP Fast Phobia Cure

Step 2 Run the movie once at normal speed and after that backward.

Ask your subject to imagine watching the situation as a movie at normal speed, like a normal movie.

After that, have the subject run the movie backward to the point where it started?


Step 3 Now, rerun the movie in black and white.

Now, ask your subject to remove colors from the movies and make the movie black and white.

Once the movie is black and white, play it again from start to end. When the movie ends, make large images fade away on the black screen like in a real movie.


Step 4 Get into the first position, run the movie backwards in full colors. 

Now have your subject move to the first position, which means seeing from their eyes as if the situation is happening in front of them.

Your subject should experience the movie first hand in full colors but backwards to the beginning.


Step 5 Repeat the process until the subject is indifferent to the phobia.

Repeat the process until your subject feels no longer fearful of the situation. 

chasmaThis will be the sequence of the processes.

  • Get them back to the movie theatre.
  • Run the movie backwards
  • Switch to black and white
  • Run movie forwards
  • Switch to the first position and in the run movie in full colors backwards.


Step 6 Do Ecology check with Future pacing.

Once the phobia is not strong enough to cause trouble to the subject.

Bring your subject back to the present, make them aware of surrounding and check the ecology.

Make sure you check

What image of the future do they come up with when they think about this phobia?

How they feel about staying unafraid?


warningPoints to consider while doing NLP Fast Phobia Cure technique

This process is time-consuming and must be done very carefully; I suggest doing this process in parts rather than completing it in one go.

I prefer to take small breaks between each step or where I feel the subject can not keep it up.

You will find some subjects have a quick response rate while some struggles to form a clear image or follow the instruction. 

It is better to go slow and in parts rather than speeding up the process.

Provided you have worked with this client earlier and have a good rapport with him/her.

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