NLP scripts – Do you really need them?

NLP scripts – do you really need them? If yes, how can you create them? These are the common questions every NLP practitioner goes through.

Do you need NLP scripts?

Yes, we need NLP scripts for our practice. As NLP practitioners, we know about the NLP techniques, but sometimes we tend to get confused. What do you actually say while using the NLP technique? 

Scripts can be a handy roadmap along with NLP techniques while practicing with actual clients.

For Example,

You come across a client with a phobia, and you know that a fast phobia cure will be the best technique for this. The question is, how do you start? What do you say to your client? If you could read scripts just before conducting the NLP technique, it would be an added advantage.

NLP scripts

What are the components of NLP scripts?

Well, there are no set of rules.

Scripts may start with induction or relaxation techniques, building quick rapport, pacing, and leading along with the steps included in NLP techniques.

NLP practitioners should build rapport in an ideal world before getting into any NLP techniques or changing work. Building rapport and NLP calibration techniques can help you know whether changes are made while speaking to the client.

What is the difference between NLP scripts and Hypnosis scripts?

There are many things common in hypnosis and NLP, the founders of NLP modeled Milton Erickson and his work.

While there is some difference, NLP can be content-free, which means you may not need to know the content (reasons from the client).

Hypnosis scripts are long and take good practice, while NLP can be mastered after learning NLP techniques.

NLP scripts are short as it is based on the NLP techniques that involve step by step process.

What are the similarities between NLP scripts and Hypnosis scripts?

There are also many similarities between NLP and Hypnosis scripts.

It would be best if you built rapport before using NLP and Hypnosis scripts. Without rapport, your client may not follow you, and there will not be the desired result.

You have to set a well formed outcome and do an ecology check before starting with any scripts.

To practice NLP or Hypnosis scripts, you must be trained by a professional and have valid certification.

How to create NLP scripts? 

It takes practice to create scripts. Personally, I learn the NLP techniques first, visualize the process, and create the scripts.

In my view, to create your own scripts, you need to know NLP techniques very well and must have practiced them as well.

You need to know how to build rapport with clients, their preferred representational system, and do ecology checks.

To create scripts, visualize the process, use the words from clients’ preferred representational system, and take NLP calibration’s help to observe the changes made or not.

I have observed many NLP practitioners stick with their comfort zone and use the same scripts with NLP techniques, which become difficult for clients.

Should you buy an NLP scripts book?


I have created a small collection of NLP scripts that include scripts for Fast phobia care, Swish, NLP perceptual positions, and a few more. 

When I started practicing, I always found it difficult to start, and since I started writing down what I would say to clients (my own NLP scripts), the results were amazing.

Buying an NLP scripts books will give you a road map, and you can also create your own version based on your client’s need.

Reading NLP techniques is fun and practicing them is even more fun, but we need NLP scripts while applying these NLP techniques.

I have created a small book of NLP scripts of the 7 most used NLP techniques. You can use them in your practice for only $10. You can buy the book from here.  Buy NLP scripts