NLP swish technique for changing behaviors with 1 ready to use script

NLP swish technique for changing behaviors

The NLP swish technique for changing behavior is the most famous NLP technique, The NLP swish technique is effective to replace the negative emotion with positive ones.

I have used NLP swish techniques for changing behavior like nail-biting, smoking, procrastination and other negative emotions. In this post, I will share how swish techniques for changing behavior are actually done? I.e how to use the swish technique? The NLP swish pattern steps? And will try to answer the question: does the NLP swish pattern work?

How to do the NLP swish technique

The NLP swish technique can be done individually or for best results that must be done in pairs. I will provide the NLP swish pattern steps and NLP swish pattern script in this article.

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First, let us understand the prerequisites to the NLP swish technique, this will enable how to do the swish technique?

Every behavior or habit follows this process. Triggers-Response-Result. 

For example, stress causes triggers for a smoker, in the response to that he/she smokes and as a result, they believe that they are getting relaxed.

In the NLP swish technique, you can change any behavior with a positive one.

To succeed at NLP swish techniques, one must have identified the triggers. The triggers are crucial for changing behavior. The NLP swish technique for changing behavior will enable us to find the triggers and replace them with something pleasant.

NLP swish pattern steps

Describe how you would do an NLP swish pattern?

This exercise can be done while standing or sitting. I recommend doing this exercise while sitting.

I am giving you NLP swish pattern steps you can do it all by yourself or with the help of a friend,

Step 1 – Identify the problem

Decide on the single behavioral problem that you would like to change. For Example: Managing nervousness while giving a presentation to a group of people.

Step 2 – Find the trigger that initiates the problem

Find out the trigger that automatically generated this behavior or unwanted feelings.

For best results, think of that uncomfortable moment, and try to see what you saw, listen to what you heard and feel what you felt.

If you can see that movie, freeze the moment from where that event begins. If you are not sure, keep playing that movie again and again.

Once you have found the picture of the moment from where the negative event started, put a border around it.

This is a picture of your regular response or behavior. Make sure you are clear about it.

Step 3 – Break State

Take a small break, think something different than the earlier thought. I prefer to stand up and do some stretching.

Step 4 – Find the Desired state

Think, If you had the power to change, how would you respond to this situation differently? What would you be doing instead of behaving in your habitual way?

Now, Try to see yourself responding to the situation in the best possible way. The way you would actually like to respond or handle.

Capture this image in your mind. This is your new response to that negative emotion. You must make it stronger, add more color, make it clearer, brighter, and larger.

Step 5 – Break state

Again, think about something different. Take a small walk, do some stretching, or just have tea. This is crucial for the NLP swish pattern steps.

Step 6 – Lets SWISHHHH

Read these instructions carefully and understand them clearly. Swish is to be executed in one go.

Now Picture the old image with a border just in front of you.

Next, make your new response image, which is more colorful, bright, clear, and positive a small stamp size image. Try to make it as small as a stamp. Keep the stamp size image in the corner of the old image.

Now when you are ready with Swish motion, make that stamp size image bigger and larger until it totally covers the old image. Make a swishhhh sound if necessary.

As the new image becomes bigger, larger, and brighter, the old image in the background becomes lighter, transparent, and vanishes in the end.

Once the new behavior image has completely replaced the old behavior make, soak into the moment and make a white screen in the end.

You have to do this step as quickly as possible.

Old image – Small stamp size new image-grow the new image-old image vanishes- white screen


The key to this NLP swish pattern is speed, do it as fast as possible.

I recommend doing this step 5 to 6 times repeatedly for better results.

Step 7 – Break state

In this step standing up and taking a small walk is preferred. Remember in break state you have to think about everything else but not the NLP swish technique for changing behaviors.

Step 8 – Make this new change permanent


Repeat, Repeat, and repeat. The more you repeat the better is the chance of making this change permanent.

These are the steps to NLP swish pattern or NLP swish technique for changing behavior.


The variation you can do to the NLP swish pattern steps.

  • You can put a new image in one corner, say the left corner and expand the new behavior image from there.
  • You can add sound and feeling elements to new behavior to amplify the effect.
  • You can change the shape and color of a new image as you feel positive about it. If you find lowlights get the low lighting.
  • If you are more of an Auditory person, you can swap the voice. You just need to increase the intensity of the new desired behavior over the old behavior you want to change.
  • You can do this on a kinesthetic representation system also, just new behavior must be stronger than the older one.
nlp swish technique

NLP swish pattern script

If you follow the NLP swish pattern steps you may already get the NLP swish pattern script.

I have prepared a key pointer to do NLP swish pattern script and NLP swish pattern steps if you are doing an NLP swish pattern on someone else.

Step 1 – Identify the problem

“Take a deep breath and relax, now think of the negative behavior you wish to change. It could be any emotions, which you can visualize”. For example – giving presentations to management.

Step 2 – Find the trigger that initiates the problem

“ Try to be at that moment. You should be able to see what you saw, feel what you felt, and listen to what you heard. Try to reply to the whole event just in front of your eyes.

Now try to find the key event which is the trigger point of this negative behavior. It can be anything, picture, sound, and feeling.

Once you find out that negative trigger, put a border around it.”

Step 3 – Break State

“ so how about we take a small break? Tell me more about your hobby”

Step 4 – Find the Desired state

“ Now close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Once you are completely relaxed, imagine you have all the power in the world. What would you do in the negative behavior? How will you respond to the triggers? How will you respond to this whole situation with these powers?

See yourself responding to the situation differently and more positively than earlier.

Take the moment and capture this picture in your mind.

Imagine you can increase the brightness, color, and make this image more clear. Make it such that makes you feel positive’

Step 5 – Break state

“So tell me how you are going to spend this weekend? Any special plans?”

Step 6 – Lets SWISHHHH

“Listen to these instructions carefully and make sure you have understood them clearly.

You have to put the picture of the old image with a border just in front of you. Can you see it?

Hold this image in front of your eyes.

Think of a new image that is more bright and clear, put that new image on the old image.

Now shrink that new image to stamp size, make it smaller and smaller.

When you are ready give me a signal.

When I say swish, make the stamp size larger and bigger than the old one. It should be so big that it covers the old image, you should not be able to see the old image.

Once the new image takes over the old image it becomes white in the end.

Ready On my sound SWISHHHHHH “

We will repeat this step 5 to 6 times repeatedly for better results.

Step 7 Break state

“Care to have a coffee/tea?”

This is the script I have used, can be used by anyone with variation to their need.

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Does the NLP swish pattern work?

Yes, The NLP swish pattern works if you have done it correctly.

The NLP swish pattern works with the willingness to change behavior, if you or the client does not want to change the behavior you can not do anything.


If you want to make the NLP swish pattern work, avoid these pitfalls.

  • The old image should not be stronger than the new image. If it is, make additional effort to make it weak.
  • The new image should be real not based on fantasy, if the new image is not relatable or say not practical, change is not possible.
  • The expectation with the NLP swish pattern should be realistic, you can not become superman with NLP swish pattern.
  • This for new behavior generation and specific triggers is key. Focus on finding triggers otherwise where will you make changes?
  • You have to dissociate with the old image and associate with the new image, and not do it vice versa.

I have used the NLP swish pattern with friends for developing confidence, getting rid of nail-biting habits, and getting angry while driving in dense traffic. The results are amazing.

Where you will use the NLP swish technique for changing behaviors? Share your views in the comments.

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