Walt Disney Goal Setting Pattern


Now, We are almost at the end of 2018. It was a wonderful year but 2019 must be better. its time to set goals, read how walt disney goal setting pattern can help you?

You all must be knowing the importance of setting your goals ahead and converting your dreams into reality. Many of us have KRA’s other goals at the office and maybe a few of us have personal goals as well.

Let me share with you the personal goals and most people are not being able to follow it.

  1. I will go to the gym regularly from Monday/1st Day of Month/Year/Decade
  2. This year I will save an XYZ amount of money.
  3. I will develop my side business and quit this job.
  4. I will do that Evening/ Distance course and Get that promotion.
  5. I will Quit Smoking/ any other addiction

This list can go on and on, Many of us may have succeeded or many of us just made a statement.

There can be cases that have used some tools or the concept called SMART and set amazing goals, but the question is how many of us are sticking to it and following our dreams.

walt disney goal setting pattern

In NLP, there is a beautiful presumption “ We have all the resources we required”.


What if I tell you there is a tool which can help you to set a goal with more clarity.


The tool which can help you to see goals with three different views from yourself.


The tool which can help you to feel the accomplishment of goal before you achieve them.


This technique is called walt disney goal setting pattern, (Since it was used at Walt Disney Studios)


Now, one can evaluate any goal or decision as “Dreamer”, “Realistic” and “Critic” and make your goals which you feel more attached and achieve them.

Let me brief you with walt disney goal setting pattern process


  1. You will require space for this technique to walk in the near circle so first find that, make sure no one disturbs you while this process is not over.
  2. Mark the titles as mentioned in the image above on the floor. 
  3. Now stand in Dreamer position and Select an Outcome or decision, take a nice breath and imagine you are in a dream of having that outcome, goal. To make it more intense making it a movie you wish to see. How it will look, what you will feel and what sounds you are listening to. Once done you are ready to go to the next step. 
  4. Come to the Realist position, think of that goal and now it is the dream, happening in front of your eyes. See from the view of all character is your dream maybe your family member, friend, and colleague. Feel and listen to all the character’s positive view of your goal/dream. Once you are done be ready for the next position. 
  5. Come to the Critic position. Please make sure here we are to find only missing link for achieving this dream not to criticize it negatively. See, feel and listen to the dream with all elements which are required and missing to achieve this dream. Make list and ask it to the dream position.
  6. Come back to Dreamer Position and answer the critic and dream again.
  7. Come back to the Realist Position and Evaluate positively the answer of Dreamer position.
  8. Come back to Critic position and find missing elements in answers by Dream and Realist.

WOW This is the complete round of this walt disney goal setting pattern process, you can repeat this process until all positions are convinced with the Dream that is your Goal.

Where are you going to use this tool? share in a comment section.

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