NLP Circle of excellence 1 of the classical NLP technique

NLP circle of excellence

NLP circle of excellence is classic tools for amplifying the positive emotions, and you can access this resourceful state anytime you want.

I have used the NLP circle of excellence for feeling confident in stressful situations for myself and some of my friends.

The NLP circle of excellence is based on the NLP presupposition, “We have all resources we need”. It is basically a self-anchoring process, developed by Dr. John Grinder. 

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Prerequisite to this technique is the NLP Anchoring process, you read my blog What is NLP Anchoring technique? 1 of the most effective NLP Technique for winners

NLP circle of excellence process

1.Decide on the resourceful state, which you want to experience quite often.

2.Now select a spot on the floor, imagine there is a circle as big as you can stand into it.

3. Take a few deep breaths and get completely relaxed.

4. Remember the resourceful state, and elicit the strength of the state.

5.Intensify the resourceful state by adding more colors, brightness, sound, taste or smell if any. Just make the experience even better.

6. Gather these all resourcefulness and direct it towards the circle on the floor.

7. While transferring increases the intensity even further for the experience.

8. The moment experience is about to reach at its peak, step into the circle physically.

9. Breathe deeply and feel this powerful state flowing through your body, inside and outside, you are totally covered with this state. Enjoy the feeling.

10. Now, Imagine where you can use this state? Project yourself performing much better with the help of this state.

11. Just before the feeling starts to fade away, step out of the circle.

12. Repeat the steps to make this circle stronger.

13. Now imagine, You can use this circle anywhere. Fold it and put it back in your pocket.

14. Now Whenever you require it, just put it out of your pocket, throw it on the floor and stand in that circle.

In this section, I have explained the NLP circle of excellence process, this process can be used to amplify any positive emotion.

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You can also use this process to deal with certain negative and recurring feelings much better.

This process can be altered as per your need.

I have found that if we do the anchoring beforehand for the positive emotion, this process becomes even more smooth. You can use something to symbolize as a circle or draw a circle.


You can use multiple anchors (stack) with this process, for example, I anchor this feeling on my finger as well as on the spot. So whenever I am in that spot and if I press my finger, The state amplifies in many folds.

You can also use your role models or someone who is good at the event. You can put them in a circle and take their behavior to your advantage. This will require you to know how exactly they will react or respond to a certain situation. 

Select the behavior or the state with which you can relate, if you take too fictional behavior the process may not work at all.

nlp circle of excellence

NLP circle of excellence script

1.Go back in the moment and relive the experience.

Stand up and go back to a time when you felt extremely confident. (You can use any positive emotion)

Relive that moment, see what you saw, listen to what you heard and feel what you felt. If it is related to the food you can add taste and smell also. This will amplify the effect.

2.Make a spot (Circle of excellence)

Imagine, you can draw a circle on the floor, draw as big as you can stand into it comfortably.

Put the color inside whichever you want, associate sound if any and relive the feeling of confidence and direct it to the circle.

If you need to add more colors, clarify the sound, and increase the feeling as much as possible.

Now when the experience reaches its peak enter into the circle.

Relive the moment, feel the feeling going through your body, and also outside the body. This sensation makes you feel even more confident. 

4.Think of time in future

Notice where you need this feeling of confidence in the future.

Imagine a situation where you may require these positive emotions. See yourself dealing with that situation with this new positive emotion. 

You can now deal with these situations better.

5. Repeat the process

As feelings start to fade away, move out of the circle.

Take a few deep breaths and see that positive emotion filled you performing in that circle. You can use any role model if you have instead of you as well.

Now repeat the process, as many as time possible to strengthen the circle.

6. Take the circle back

Imagine, you can fold the circle into a tiny small pack and keep it in your pocket. These positive emotions are now always available with you just in your pocket.

You can just pull out these emotions from your pocket and put it in front of your eyes and feel those positive feelings again.

This NLP circle of excellence script can be altered as per your need, I have just shared which have worked for me.

This NLP circle of excellence script, I had used myself to feel more confident in stressful situations. It has worked well along with stack anchoring. 

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Few Tips for making most of the NLP circle of excellence 

  • Know how you want to feel

This should be clear and it is obvious to have clarity about what you want.

Just ask yourself, How do I want to feel in that particular situation (Confident, Focused or relaxed ) 

If you do not have this clarity, the process will not work for you.

  • Set a circle that is easily accessible for you

NLP circle of excellence is basically the Anchoring process. You anchor your desired behavior to a circle.

This anchor can be visual, auditory or kinesthetic. So You can use color, a catchphrase, or a clap with your desired behavior. 

Whatever you choose must be accessible to you at every time, I prefer to pinch one of my fingers

  • Believe in yourself that you have all the resources.

You must believe that you have the resources required to be in the desired state.

In any case, if you do not trust your resources, anchoring can not be achieved. 

The NLP circle of excellence is a classical NLP technique to achieve positive behavior at any time.

NLP Circle of excellence video

Where are you going to try this technique? Please share your views in the comments.