NLP Godiva Chocolate Pattern – 1 technique to get motivated

NLP Godiva Chocolate Pattern

This NLP technique is specifically focused on motivation, The Godiva chocolate pattern can help you to increase your motivation.


This technique can be used to get rid of bad or unhealthy habits, behaviors that are not so helpful to individuals. 

You can combine this method with Swish or other new behavior generator NLP technique to get best results for bad habits.

In this process we are going to utilize the NLP submodalities, and you must agree that submodalities can make changing habits so easy.

NLP Godiva Chocolate Pattern
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Step1 – Select a source of pleasure

The very first step of NLP Godiva chocolate pattern is to choose the food or some thing that you crave for. 


Keep in mind to choose the food you love to indulge in. 

The key is the more compulsion you have for this indulgence the better.

Creator of this pattern must have chosen Godiva chocolate.

Step 2 – Imagine yourself indulging with pleasure

Use all representational systems, while indulging in the pleasure. 

You can also use submodalities to amplify the feeling pleasure, I suggest to amplify it to maximum and keep this imagination as image 1.

Step 3 –  Select the behavior that you to want to increase

In this step you have to select the behavior that you really want to increase.

For example, you want to read more, exercise regularly or for not doing the bad habit which you want to change. 

Picture yourself doing that, imagine you can see yourself doing the act. Take a dissociated image of this and that will be our image 2.

Step 4 – Do the Ecology check

Now do the ecology check, you need to think how much benefit it will be for you if you continue doing this?

What kind of outcome can you achieve?

Is there any reason that you may not like it?

Make necessary changes to your images after the ecology check.

Step 5 – Put Image 1 behind Image 2

In this step imagine you out Image 1 (the compulsion image) behind image 2 (the desired behavior) so that image 2 hides image 1.

Step 6 – Make hole in Image 2 so that you can see Image 1

Now try to see a little bit of Image 1 from the hole in image 1, get the same pleasure as the event selected in image 1. 

Repeat  this step until you get the same pleasure, for this open the hole as wide as you want.

Step -7 Shrink hole again

Now cover the image 1 with image 2 again by shrinking the hole down. Now you should be able to see image 2 only.

Step – 8  Repeat three times

Repeat the step 6 and step 7 at least for three times or until you feel associated with image 1 i.e compulsive behavior with image 2 i.e desired behavior.

Step – 9  Test

In the coming days check how do you feel about your desired behavior?

You should feel better about the desired behavior and if not repeat the process.

While repeating the process go into finer details for submodalities and amplify the compulsion behavior.

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Where can you use NLP Godiva chocolate pattern?

This NLP pattern can be used for installing pleasures, in case if client are not comfortable with anchoring (in some cultures giving therapy to opposite sex is difficult.)


You can also gain more confidence in your client with unhealthy habits. If you use this pattern and allow them to get the same pleasure as habits without even doing it. They can trust you more with other change work.

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Tips to make most of NLP Godiva chocolate pattern

  • You should speak less and in a slow tone, this will increase the trance work.
  • Let the client engulf into the pleasurable moments, do not interrupt. 
  • Your task is just to remind them about the source of pleasure, this will enable the subconscious mind to do rest of work for you.

With practice you can do this simple process much faster, I have used this technique with teenagers with unhealthy eating habits. They now enjoy eating home made as much as they would enjoy fast food.

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