NLP spinning emotion technique to fight negative emotions- just 1 technique

NLP spinning emotion technique

NLP spinning emotion technique is simple yet powerful to get rid of negative emotions. This nlp technique is more used in helping people with anxiety.

I have personally used this NLP spinning emotion technique to ease my health problems like acidity and nausea.


This NLP technique can be used to reduce the impact of negative emotion, it should not be considered as an alternative to medicines.

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What is NLP Spinning emotion technique?

This NLP technique was used by Richard Bandler himself in many of his open seminars. However, it was developed and updated to NLP spinning emotion technique by other Nick kemp.


NLP spinning emotion technique is based on the assumption that every feeling runs through our body in circulation mode. If we reverse the flow through NLP spinning emotion technique it can produce great results.

Let me give you an example, I had this bad stomach pain in the evening almost everyday. This stomach pain then is followed by acidity.

I observe that before having pain in my stomach, I get a strange sensation in my lower back. After that it gradually moves towards my stomach.

From my stomach pain goes to the middle of the chest and from there to the lower back again!

This NLP spinning emotion technique gave me the awareness that after prolonged sitting in the office, I am more prone to get acidity in the night.

I have observed that all emotions have an impact on our health. Like I have found out if I am more irritated or overwhelmed I feel more acidic or my stomach gets upset.

In this process, as I have found the circular motion of pain from my lower back to stomach to chest to back again lower back, we need to reverse the motion.

This may sound complicated to read but it is much easier to do.

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NLP spinning emotion technique process


This process can be done while standing or lying down, I suggest lying down as it gives you the feeling of relaxation.

Step 1 Lie down on the floor on your back and take a few deep breaths.

Step 2 With each deep breath, get more relaxed, and observe your body.

Step 3 Observe the sensation you feel internally for some moment.

Step 4 Think about the negative emotions which are bothering you.

Step 5 While thinking about those negative emotions where do you feel the sensation in your body? (Where you feel it)

Step 6 Imagine you can give the shape of a wheel to this emotion and pull this wheel out of your body. (You have to imagine)

Step 7 Observe the color of the wheel and movement. Is it moving clockwise or counterclockwise?

Step 8 Change the color of the wheel to a more pleasant one and rotate the wheel in the opposite direction.

Step 9 Keep spinning the wheel in the opposite direction and bring it back into your body. Do not stop spinning the wheel.

Step 10  Keep spinning the wheel and increase the speed until it becomes weaker or fades away.

NLP Spinning emotion technique

This exercise is totally based on your imagination, the better you visualize the better will be the result. You can pre-practice or rehearse the process beforehand.

You can also take the help of friends to guide you through the process if you are not comfortable doing it on yourself.


Word of caution – This NLP spinning emotion technique can speed up your recovery but to an option for medicine. If you are on some kind of medicine please follow the advice of your doctor.


This NLP spinning emotion technique can help you to increase your awareness about your internal and external body sensations.

How can this NLP spinning emotion technique be useful?

This technique can be used to get rid of negative emotions in a nutshell.  It can also be useful to curb cravings, hunger, and reduce some form of fear.

Yes, fears have an impact on our body, I feel sharp neck pain when I am in fear.

Try to remember the body sensation you feel when you are facing fear.

Every emotion has a positive or negative impact on ourselves. If the impact is negative you can use this NLP spinning emotion technique to reduce the impact.

I have seen many NLP maestros use this technique to burst the fears, breaking psychosomatic habits and lifestyle problems.

Try this NLP spinning emotion technique and share your experience in the comment section below.

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