Can you use NLP on yourself? How to use NLP on yourself?

Can you use NLP on yourself? I have come across this question most of the time.

The short answer to this question is “Yes” if you know what you are doing? There are many NLP techniques that you can do on yourself.

However, the other answer will be “No” because many techniques require someone to guide you through the process.

NLP can help you to understand yourself better and understand another person well. However, NLP techniques related to change work will require someone to guide you.

Can you use NLP on yourself?

Which NLP techniques can you use on yourself?

You can use NLP rapport building techniques to build instant rapport with anyone, and you can use the NLP communication model to enhance your communication skills.

Imagine revamping your client presentation or speech after learning the NLP communication model and NLP rapport building skills. 

NLP meta programs can help you understand the motivation of yourself and another person, which requires more self-reflection.


You can also use NLP language patterns to sharpen your persuasion and influencing skills. 

You can follow NLP presuppositions to enhance the way you look at life or change your attitude. For Example. If you follow “every behavior has a positive intention.” this NLP presupposition alone can help you avoid conflicts, see positive in every situation, and much more.

NLP strategies can help you understand your pattern of decision and behavior, and later you can change them with the help of an NLP practitioner.

NLP representational system can help you understand thinking patterns of next time you feel down. For example, based on your preferred representational system, you can decide whether to watch a movie, listen to music, or play a sport.

These NLP models, processes, and techniques do not require guidance from another person. Instead, these are to make you more aware of yourself and other people around you.

Which NLP techniques can you not use on yourself?


Many NLP techniques require guidance from NLP practitioners, these NLP techniques of the process are mostly related to changing something, 

NLP belief change process can help you get rid of not so helpful belief, but all belief change process requires help and guidance of someone.

NLP fast phobia care techniques can help you cure any phobia, or a variation of the process can also be used to treat allergies. However, the process requires one to follow the script.

NLP swish pattern of changing behavior can help you form new habits or get rid of old habits, no matter how good you are in NLP? But, you will need the help of someone to do it properly.

The same goes for the NLP anchoring, perceptual position, six-step reframing, and sensory acuity. 

How can you use NLP on yourself?

There are many ways to answer the question how can you use NLP on yourself? But I will like to suggest whatever has worked for me.

I practiced both NLP language patterns in my day-to-day communication and, most of the time, emails and sales letters. This has helped me to create compelling copies and drive results for myself and my organization.

I use the NLP meta program to understand teammates’ motivation and communicate with them accordingly while delegating tasks. For example, if someone drives by reward, I offer them reward; someone drives by fear, I use fear.

While interviewing my team, I used the NLP communication model, lead representational system, and NLP meta programs. These all techniques give me pretty good about the person I am assessing.

I have created my visualization script based on my preferred representational system. I use it for my relaxation and sometimes after meditation.

I try to follow NLP presuppositions as much as I can. It has helped to enhance my relationships with my family and friends.

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