3 NLP techniques for fear

What are NLP techniques for fear? You can use it for your client to get rid of phobias and fear with the help of NLP techniques.

So far we have covered all the required NLP techniques that you can use for almost anything, with a little bit of creativity you can use some of the NLP techniques for fear also.

What are NLP Techniques for fear we can use?

Here is the list of NLP Techniques for fear we can use for our subject or clients,

  1. NLP Fast Phobia Cure Technique
  2. NLP Spinning motion technique
  3. NLP Swish Technique for changing behavior

Let’s discuss these NLP Techniques for fear in detail, however, you can find blogs on each topic that have share links in this post.

NLP Fast Phobia Cure Technique

NLP Fast phobia cure technique is first in our list of NLP techniques for fear, it is widely used by NLP practitioners to cure phobias and fears of subjects.

NLP Fast phobia cure technique in Brief.

Step 1 – Identify the situation of fear and go to the Third Position, as the third position will give you all resources you need to overcome fear. 

Step 2 – Imagine to see yourself watching a movie in the third position, imagine running it like a movie at normal speed, and sometimes later imagine the movie is going backward.

Step 3 – Now rerun the movie in black and white, and remove all the colors from the movie.

Step 4 – Now get into the first position and rerun the movie backward in full colors.

Step 5 – Repeat the process until you are indifferent to the fear.

These NLP techniques for fear will surely work for almost any kind of fear or phobia, you can read my detailed blog on NLP Fast Phobia Cure.

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NLP Spinning Emotion Technique

NLP Spinning Emotions Technique is one of the simplest NLP Techniques for fear and anxiety.


This technique works on negative emotions that can be helpful to overcome fear or phobias of the subject.

Now let’s quickly see the process of the NLP Spinning emotions technique.

Step 1 – Lie down on the floor comfortably and take a few deep breaths.

Step 2 – Observe your internal sensations for some moments.

Step 3 – Now think about the fear you are having.

Step 4 – When you think about the fear, observe where you feel the sensation in your body.

Step 5 – Now imagine you can give the shape of the wheel to this emotion, once done imagine you can pull it out of your body.

Step 6 – Observe the movement of the wheel is there any color to it, is it moving clockwise or anticlockwise?

Step 7 – Change the color of the wheel to a pleasant color for you and make the wheel move in the opposite direction.

Step 8 – Keep the wheel spinning the wheel in opposite directions, and bring it back to your body.

Step 9 – Increase the speed of spinning and imagine the wheel is fading away.

Now check how you feel about your fears, if you feel the same repeat the exercise after a short break.

If can learn more about NLP spinning emotions technique on my blog.

Now let’s move to the third NLP Techniques of fear.

NLP Swish technique for changing behavior.

Any fear is learned behavior over a period of time, the NLP Swish technique can help to change any negative behavior.


I have personally used this NLP technique for fear with my subjects for the fears like darkness, job loss, and feeling of being cheated.

Now let’s see the process of the NLP Swish Technique in brief.

Step 1 – Identify the problem

In this step, you need to identify the problem or the fear you want to get rid of.

Step 2- Find the trigger that initiates the problem. 

Imagine you are about to face fear find out what triggers fear or emotion of fear to you.

You can use NLP Representational system for better results.

Take a picture of that moment that instigates fear in you.

Step 3 – Break State

Take a small break, you can walk or have a glass of water.

Step 4 – Find desired behavior.

Choose desired behavior, the behavior you want to have instead of fear.

Picture that behavior and put it on one side.

Step 5 – Break State

Take a small break, you can walk or have a glass of water.

Step 6 – Let’s SWISH

Now imagine the old behavior picture with a thick border around it.

Imagine you can create stamp size image of your desired behavior and put it in a corner of the large image.  

Make the swishh sound and imagine your stamp-size image taking of large negative image quickly, it becomes larger, huge, and vanishes in the end. 

Repeat the last step 5 to 10 times, until your emotion toward the first image reduces or nullifies totally.

You can read about NLP SWISH Pattern in detail here.

These are some of my favorite NLP Techniques of fear, you can use techniques like changing personal history, NLP Anchoring, and Submodalities for fears. 


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