6 Best NLP techniques for success

6 NLP techniques for success

NLP techniques for success is a set of NLP techniques that you can use for yourself or for your client.

Success is a very subjective term, and it differs from person to person.

However, to become successful, one must be well organized, be a better communicator, and motivate oneself are some of the required skills.

Here is the List of NLP Techniques for success

  1. NLP Communication model – To improve communication.
  2. NLP Circle of excellence – To find/use resourceful states.
  3. NLP Belief change – To get away with unresourceful habits.
  4. NLP Swish technique – To build new behavior.
  5. NLP Change personal history – To change the perspective of past.
  6. NLP Godiva chocolate pattern – To create self-motivation.
nlp techniques for success

Now let’s discuss these NLP techniques for success in little more detail.

1. NLP Communication model.

NLP communication model can help you to become an expert in communication.

To succeed in life, one must be good at communication. Communication is the skill we require in almost every walks of life.

We need good communication in both personal and professional life.

NLP communication model can help you understand your thinking pattern and other person’s preferences better.

NLP communication model talks about the filters we use to make our map, i.e., our perception of reality.

While communicating, large chunks of data are either deleted, distorted, or generalized based on past experiences. It is a great barrier to communication.

Imagine you have a superpower to understand the preference of any person you meet. What advantages can you have?

NLP communication is must NLP techniques for success in both personal and professional life.

2. NLP circle of excellence 

These NLP techniques for success will enable you to find out the resourceful states f yours and use it for other events.

For example,

Imagine You are good at playing board games, you can make strategies, are confident, and are simply the best at it.

Now think if you can use those same tactics as yours in the life event you are not good at.

With the NLP circle of excellence, you can just do that. You can channel all your positive vibrations to one single point or circle and use it whenever you need it.

This NLP techniques for success is easy to follow and one of the oldest NLP techniques.

NLP circle of excellence is a brilliant use of NLP anchoring techniques, which means you can use your resourceful states practically anywhere in life.

This NLP technique requires to do kinesthetic work, so make sure you have enough space to stand and walk a little. I have explained the detailed process in my NLP circle of excellence posts.

I have used this NLP technique on myself whenever I want to feel confident in a stressful situation, want to feel calm after a hard day at work or simply just want to relax at the end of the day.

Imagine you can use your best resources whenever you needed; how amazing that would be, isn’t it?

3.NLP Belief change techniques

If you want to use only one NLP techniques for success, the NLP belief change technique should be the one.

Beliefs are working generalizations, and this is the shortest definition I can give about beliefs.

Out beliefs are guiding principles that make us behave in the way we are actually.

Every behavior has some underlying belief, that can serve you or can hamper your success.

For Example.

If students start believing that maths is a difficult subject and can not do it, it becomes his reality later on. Even for the more straightforward maths problem, he will have difficulties.

Let’s take another example.

I can not remember people’s names. This is the most common belief we have. And later on, we end up forgetting names.


Imagine what beliefs are holding you up from getting the success you deserve in your life? How about changing those beliefs with many productive ones?

4. NLP Swish Technique

This NLP techniques for success can help you to generate new behavior or new habits.

NLP Swish techniques are widely used and the most famous NLP technique; it can e used to generate new behavior and get rid of old habits.

Imagine you have some bad habits like procrastination, anger, or anything that hampers your success that can be changed quickly.

NLP swish technique just does that, and you can generate new behavior for almost anything.

For Example.

I have used this technique on myself to get rid of my procrastination habits.

I used to delay the work until it became urgent. Later, I realized it is becoming a bottleneck for me to get promoted in my job.

With the help of the NLP Swish technique now I am more productive in the office and more relaxed as work gets completed on time.

Find out the bad habit which is hindering your success, use the NLP swish technique, and build new habits.

NLP swish changes out neural responses to old triggers, so it can be used for hard bad habits like addictions also.

I have helped some of the friends to quit smoking with help of the NLP swish technique and recommend these NLP techniques for success to everyone.

5. NLP Change personal history 

This NLP techniques for success will help you to get rid of past bad memories as well as conflicts that hold you back from achieving success.

I had a client with a bad experience or say memories with his stepdad, which was hindering his communication with senior people at work.

When we used NLP to change personal history to get rid of those memories, there was a subsequent change in the way he communicates in general.

NLP changes personal history changes our perception or perspective to the issues with a new set of view.

It also helps to understand other person’s view in the conflict, and the best part is you do not require that person in this technique.

It is derived from the famous timeline therapy and can be used to get rid of trauma.

To succeed in life, find out what is holding you back and use the Change personal history technique.

6. NLP Godiva chocolate pattern – To create self-motivation.

Do you struggle to keep your motivation level up? Or you find it hard to keep up the drive and zeal to do the tasks?

NLP Godiva chocolate pattern just does that for you, and it can find you the self-motivation wherever you want.

It helps you create motivation for unpleasant tasks also.

Imagine, You have a superpower to do all boring and tedious work without getting low on motivation.


To succeed in life, we have to do many tasks or actions that we do not enjoy. But they are essential, like filing taxes, applying for jobs, or doing exercise.

I have used this technique on myself to build the habit of being more social, Ya I know it sounds strange, but it was required for me.

Identify the tasks that are important for you to succeed in your life, use the NLP Godiva chocolate pattern and surprisingly enjoy doing them.

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Using NLP techniques for success

I have listed these NLP techniques for success from my experiences and some of my client’s experiences.

There can be more NLP techniques that can be useful to you to succeed in life. Do share if you want me to include other techniques.


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